We have our JACE

From the mouth of Cassie herself via Twitter.  

Jamie Campbell-Bower has been cast as Jace Wayland

I tried to find a pic that maybe would represent Jace and I came up with this one.  In my opinion for him to play Jace he needs to pack on a few pounds.  Way too thin to be a Shadowhunter.  

You may have seen him before

Currently he is playing Arthur in Camelot
(which was a terrible casting-my blog, my opinion.  Once again he is just too thin for these roles. They are suppose to be strong powerful men)

One roll that did suit him you may remember

Very appropriate in this role.  He looked very good for an evil vamp. 


How about in Sweeny Tood.  Another good role for him


I was just saying this morning that at this point I just want the film to be made.  Now maybe they are on the right path. 
What do you think about our JACE?

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  1. woohoo i can comment lol. for me personally this is the WORST CAST CHOICE EVER!!!!! and im gonna stick with the books :)